Some bizarre laws about sex in the world

Law is law but some law and regulates are very strange especially when they are related to taboo subject sex. You will be surprised how many laws exist about sex. Some of them you can’t even imagine. At the long island criminal defense lawyer firm site you can find a lot of about sex law.

United Kingdom – forbidden sex on a motorcycle

It is forbidden to have sex on a parked motorcycle in London. In Liverpool, women who work as vendors can be topless, but only if they work in stores that sell tropical fish.

Middle Eastern
rire-au-lit_0Islamic laws are very strict when it comes to sexuality, and a bizarre law says that if you have sex with the lamb, and will commit a mortal sin if you eat his flesh afterwards. In Lebanon, men are allowed to have sexual intercourse with animal feminine, but sex with animal masculine is punishable by death.

In Bahrain, a doctor who is a man is not allowed to look at the woman’s genitals; he can’t look directly at them, but only at their reflection in the mirror.

For masturbation in Indonesia you can be punished by beheading.

Women were forbidden to walk naked in a hotel room, and without clothes they should only be in the bathroom. In Hong Kong, a betrayed wife can kill her husband, but only with her own hands, while the mistress can be killed in any way.

Nepal, Bangladesh and Macao

It is illegal to watch movies that show sex scenes and pubic hair for men and women. The law does not permit the kissing scenes in films where the actors are from these the three areas.

In town Kali a woman is allowed to have sexual intercourse with her husband and during the first intercourse, her mother must be present in the room.

All these above can sound you very strange but we can’t not to notice that laws are nothing more than a bulk of regulates accommodate to certain customs. If in some country is normal not to talk about sex than it is normal to forbid a talk about sex. Therefore we can say that law is somehow always related to certain customs of some area.

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