European Union gun law

European Union gun law

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The implementation of this law is to create two goals. The first one is to enable effective control of possession and trafficking of weapons, which will prevent its misuse and to improve the security of the citizens of all joined states. The second is to make a legal ground for conscientious gun owners and to allow them to freely own and use guns in lawful purposes of hunting, sporting in purpose of collectible items and in self-defense.

320px-thumbnailThe first goal is achieved by tightening the conditions for possession of weapons. In addition to those that existed in the previous law (convictions for certain crimes, misdemeanor criminal record for certain infractions, majority and legal capacity, training in handling weapons) the Council introduced two new: health capacity (which previously existed as a possibility and only when procurement of arms is in order and not if he already owns it) and a justified reason (which previously did not exist).

These conditions are laid down in the Article 83 of the Schengen agreement, in accordance with Directive 477/91. In addition, the police are left with a possibility to prohibit the possession of weapons when it’s reasonably estimated that it could be misused by owner. Also, an important innovation that this law provides is issuing a license as a biometric document.

k4693374The second objective is achieved by giving preferred status to registered sports shooters and collectors. They are cleared from a training and they are given opportunities to make ammunition and all members of shooting and hunting organizations are included in this. The procurement of weapons and ammunition for collectors have been relieved, they have terminated the limits for all gun owners when an amount of ammunition in in question and how much they can acquire. If you want gun, but you don’t know gun law

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